ONICO S.A. qualifies into the NewConnect Focus index!

ONICO S.A. is among 20% of the companies listed on NewConnect. Stable growth and successful investments have helped ONICO to strengthen its position on this market.

What is NewConnect?

NewConnect is a stock market based on the alternative trading system of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

NewConnect was established for dynamic companies that can use a capital injection to use their potential to innovate, and thus have a chance for growth crowned with their promotion to the group of large and valuable Polish enterprises. Due to the specific characteristics of its issuers, NewConnect offers more liberal formal obligations and information requirements, and hence – a cheaper way of raising capital. NewConnect can also be the first step in the stock exchange career of listed companies.

Why is our qualification into the NewConnect Focus index so important?

We were introduced to the NewConnect Focus index as result of the first periodic verification and classification of shares.

Only 90 issuers have been accepted to this group. The new segmentation of NewConnect is one of the main elements of the NewConnect 2.0 project which aims to improve trade safety and market transparency.

The NewConnect Focus index has replaced the previous index, NewConnect Lead. The framework for the new segmentation of NewConnect was developed by the WSE in collaboration with the Council of Authorised Advisers. The aim of the new segmentation principles is to make it easier for investors to identify the companies listed on NewConnect in terms of their condition and investment risk, as well as to make the market more transparent and more attractive for investors seeking new investment opportunities. The admission criteria for the previous indices were based mainly on liquidity ratios.

Today, NewConnect companies are categorized into three indices: NewConnect Focus (NC Focus), NewConnect Base (NC Base), NewConnect Alert (NC Alert). The qualification criteria into the NC Focus and NC Alert segment are based on specific qualitative criteria. NC Focus includes companies with good financial standing and a positive track record of compliance with obligations of the companies listed on NewConnect. NC Alert comprises companies which should be treated with caution by investors, while NC Base comprises all other companies.

Details of the classification of companies into specific indices have been laid down in Resolution No. 646/2016 of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Stable growth and successful investments have supported the continuous growth of our shares and development of our company.

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