ONICO S.A. is a Capital Group whose main area of activity covers supply of energy products to both international comapnies and individual customers.

We are a Polish company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in the NewConnect alternative trading system. Our activities include trading in fuels, with special focus on supply of LPG, diesel and biofuels to international companies and individual customers. We ensure cross-border shipment of liquid fuels by road, rail and sea.

In 2008, we founded ONICO Trade. A year later, we obtained a fuels trading license from the Polish Energy Regulatory Office and made our first transaction on the LPG market. In 2010, ONICO Trade Sp. z o.o. was transformed from a limited liability into a joint-stock company. In 2011, we made our debut on the NewConnect alternative market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


Purchase and redemption of a part of M, N, O series bonds

The Management Board of Onico ("Issuer") announces that on September 17 2018, it has made anterior redemption and cancellation of a part of series M, N and O bonds.   The Management Board of Onico announces that on September 17 2018 it has made anterior redemption and cancellation of 1010 series M bonds. The redemption took place at the request of the Issuer. The total redemption...

Completion of subscription for series "P" bonds and allocation of bonds

The Management Board of ONICO with its registered office in Warsaw, hereby publishes information about the end of the subscription and the allocation of ordinary bearer series "P" bonds.   More at: https://ir.onico.pl/raport/401816/zakonczenie-subpiscji-obligacji-serii-p-i-okokanie-przydzialu-oblig ...

Issuance of ONICO's bonds

On August 17, 2018, the ONICO's Management Board approved the bond issue program and adopted a resolution on the issue of series "P" bonds.   Detailed information at: https://ir.onico.pl/raport/399354/emisja-obligacji-serii-p Report of acceptance by the Management Board of the series "P" bonds issue program: https://ir.onico.pl/raport/399352/temat-przyjecie-przez-zarzad-spolki-programu-emisji-o...

Investor relations

Our activities in the area of investor relations are geared towards building the value of ONICO S.A. through consistent implementation of a targeted business strategy.