Headquartered in Warsaw, the ONICO Group is a supplier of LPG, diesel, biofuels and other products to international companies and individual customers by road, rail and sea. We also specialise in the sale of bitumen and industrial products of the Castrol brand.

Our shares are listed on the NewConnect alternative market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Together with our subsidiaries, we form a group of companies with offices in Poland, the UK, Switzerland. U.S.A. and Germany.

The Group strives to transfer its experience gained on the liquid fuel market to other product groups and geographies.

Group of companies

Coraxa SA

- based in Geneva

Petroleum products, Western and Central Europe

ONICO Energia

- based in Warsaw

Trading in natural gas


- based in Warsaw

Transshipment of LPG

Cornelia Chemicals

- based in Warsaw

Trading in biofuels

ONICO Global

- based in San Diego

An IoT solution developed with IBM to provide remote, predictive-analytics maintenance monitoring of stored fuel

Grupa MOST WANTED! Sp. z o.o

- based in Warsaw

Comprehensive HR consulting, recruitment campaigns and training courses all over Poland